Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of many...

Today was the first day...alone...without the help and other body of my mother. I guess a paycheck is more tempting than spending the entire day with a this point, I don't blame her. Can we trade? I can damn near to measuring the distance between the second floor and I can throw myself from the banister. With my luck I would just break an arm....

This is how the day played out:

6:00 am - Mom walks in our room to "drop baby off". Baby just woke up and needs to be fed.
6:10 - I roll (literally) out of bed and come downstairs to start day and feed baby. Is there coffee?
6:45 - Check facebook and make mom's lunch for the day. Including a picture of the baby and note for good luck.
7:30 - Baby looking tired - probably time for her first morning nap.
8:00 - baby not going down...spent 30 minutes trying to get her to sleep. She hit me, grabbed me, punched me and screamed in my face for half an hour...I'm ready to throw myself out the window. What time is it again? Finally she sleeps.
8:06 - Mom needs to leave for work. Frazzled to get out the door. She's taking her entire life with her, including boxes...why is this? Wave goodbye to her. House to myself.
8:15 - check email, play on computer.
8:30 - OH!!! they have free yoga classes on the OnDemand channel...woo-hoo. Let's try one.
8:40 - Tricia calls and interrupts the class. Oh well, didn't feel like it anyway.
8:45 - shit the baby is up...oh well...let's get it started.
9:00 - feed the baby. And pop in a BabyEinstien least that's baby crack for 30 minutes. I can at least clean up the kitchen.
9:30 - baby hit her wall. Screaming. Now what? Guess we'll laugh.
9:33 - tickle baby. Listening to her freaking cute.
10:00 - Baby looking tired - will she go down?
10:30 - refuses to take nap. She's TIRED. She needs to sleep. But it has to be on her time. Damn Aries.
11:00 - Baby finally my arms...she's hot...making my arm sweat. What's on TV? Only reruns of Roseanne. That could be interesting.
11:30 - Baby and I asleep on the couch...two bodies on this couch doesn't work...I have to be holding arm is hanging off the couch - I have no feeling in it. But the baby is sleeping so it's okay.
1:00 - baby awake. Finally I can move!!!
1:30 - feed baby. She's starting to fall asleep I really think I have a break?
1:40 - not so fast...too awake...alrighty then...
2:00 - 4:00 - more reruns of Roseanne...literally, this is my day.
4:00 - baby looking tired, maybe I can get her to nap.
4:30 - nope...won't nap. let's trick her with a bottle.
4:45 - it works!!! She take the bottle. And falls asleep.
5:00 - mommy gets on the scale. Shit... Need to go for a walk.
5:30 - Baby up...let's go for a walk. She'll finish her sleep on the walk.
5:30 - 6:30 - on NOT sleeping. That would be too easy. Is that a blister on my foot?
6:30 - pick up the mail. Try to hold said mail while getting a large stroller inside the house...I think the baby might have almost fallen out...whoops. But she didn't....don't call CPS quite yet.
6:40 - Tricia home. Thank Mo-Fo God... Mom not coming home tonight. We have the house to ourselves...could really use Grandma...

Guess how much I'm looking forward to tomorrow?

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