Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of many...

Today was the first day...alone...without the help and other body of my mother. I guess a paycheck is more tempting than spending the entire day with a this point, I don't blame her. Can we trade? I can damn near to measuring the distance between the second floor and I can throw myself from the banister. With my luck I would just break an arm....

This is how the day played out:

6:00 am - Mom walks in our room to "drop baby off". Baby just woke up and needs to be fed.
6:10 - I roll (literally) out of bed and come downstairs to start day and feed baby. Is there coffee?
6:45 - Check facebook and make mom's lunch for the day. Including a picture of the baby and note for good luck.
7:30 - Baby looking tired - probably time for her first morning nap.
8:00 - baby not going down...spent 30 minutes trying to get her to sleep. She hit me, grabbed me, punched me and screamed in my face for half an hour...I'm ready to throw myself out the window. What time is it again? Finally she sleeps.
8:06 - Mom needs to leave for work. Frazzled to get out the door. She's taking her entire life with her, including boxes...why is this? Wave goodbye to her. House to myself.
8:15 - check email, play on computer.
8:30 - OH!!! they have free yoga classes on the OnDemand channel...woo-hoo. Let's try one.
8:40 - Tricia calls and interrupts the class. Oh well, didn't feel like it anyway.
8:45 - shit the baby is up...oh well...let's get it started.
9:00 - feed the baby. And pop in a BabyEinstien least that's baby crack for 30 minutes. I can at least clean up the kitchen.
9:30 - baby hit her wall. Screaming. Now what? Guess we'll laugh.
9:33 - tickle baby. Listening to her freaking cute.
10:00 - Baby looking tired - will she go down?
10:30 - refuses to take nap. She's TIRED. She needs to sleep. But it has to be on her time. Damn Aries.
11:00 - Baby finally my arms...she's hot...making my arm sweat. What's on TV? Only reruns of Roseanne. That could be interesting.
11:30 - Baby and I asleep on the couch...two bodies on this couch doesn't work...I have to be holding arm is hanging off the couch - I have no feeling in it. But the baby is sleeping so it's okay.
1:00 - baby awake. Finally I can move!!!
1:30 - feed baby. She's starting to fall asleep I really think I have a break?
1:40 - not so fast...too awake...alrighty then...
2:00 - 4:00 - more reruns of Roseanne...literally, this is my day.
4:00 - baby looking tired, maybe I can get her to nap.
4:30 - nope...won't nap. let's trick her with a bottle.
4:45 - it works!!! She take the bottle. And falls asleep.
5:00 - mommy gets on the scale. Shit... Need to go for a walk.
5:30 - Baby up...let's go for a walk. She'll finish her sleep on the walk.
5:30 - 6:30 - on NOT sleeping. That would be too easy. Is that a blister on my foot?
6:30 - pick up the mail. Try to hold said mail while getting a large stroller inside the house...I think the baby might have almost fallen out...whoops. But she didn't....don't call CPS quite yet.
6:40 - Tricia home. Thank Mo-Fo God... Mom not coming home tonight. We have the house to ourselves...could really use Grandma...

Guess how much I'm looking forward to tomorrow?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Doctor Appt Update...

Just a quick is healthy and doing well. Has some eczema on her face and arm but the doctor said it should be okay... We've spread out her shots so that she doesn't get more than two in one sitting...we just come in once a month instead of every other month...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, however. She's in the 95th percentile for both height and weight...could be worse. She could be short and is happy with it. She's "propotional" and that's all that matters. Tricia's ready to put her on a traveling volleyball team! :)

That's it for is asleep finally. SCREAMS every time she gets near her room - it's like she knows it's coming.

Talk to you all later. Take care!!!

What we never learned as children....

So, I've been thinking...dangerous I know, but stay with me on this one:

Disney movies and non-Disney movies, like "American Tail" and "Land Before Time" are incredibly messed up and even more so, SAD. How these movies are for children is beyond me. My reasoning, you ask? Well let me tell you...

Think about it, almost every Disney cartoon deals with parental loss or having NO parents at all. Case in point:
Cinderella - father died. Scary-ass step-mother.
Snow White - scary step-mother we see a pattern?
Sleeping Beauty - the three crazy witch ladies take her AWAY from her parents...
Lion King - father dies...sad moment...while hanging from a cliff no less! Then Simba nearly gets run over...
Little Mermaid - no mother...where's the mother? Just a billion wonder why the father carried the triton
Bambi - need I explain?
Peter Pan - about orphans...who cry for the mother...
Lady and the Tramp - Lady's parents don't love her anymore when the baby comes along and Tramp never got adopted...

I'm sitting in the doctor's office the other day with the baby and their playing Tarzan. Now, beyond the copyright issues at play in this picture, I was watching the beginning of the movie when the gorillas had their baby and they were so happy until a tiger chased it through the jungle and you can hear it screaming as the tiger killed it. I sat there with my mouth children have selective knowledge of this shit?

The Land Before Time was on the other day and because it is a beloved movie of my childhood (made in '88...Tricia noted that she was graduating high school that year...I said I was five...) I was watching it and made her watch it too. And thank goodness that the mother had already died because I don't think I could have handled it. It's bad enough it's about these five year old dinosaurs who need to find the Great Valley with no adult help...let alone having to watch Little Foot cry about his mother...ugh! And American Tail...? Do I really need to go there? Cry like a baby every time.

I won't even go into Pinocchio...probably one of THE most FUBAR Disney movies of all time...children turn into donkeys, he gets eaten by a whale, he gets kidnapped....and this is a children's movie?!

Anyway, just thought I would make note...As children we never thought they were adults, I'm sucking my thumb and rocking back and forth...Oh how times have changed...

I'm thinking these movies will be contraband in my house...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vaccine Update...

I forgot to inform those of you who were wondering about the choice we made about vaccinations...

I never wanted to NOT vaccinate, so to speak. My only issue is that I felt that 6 shots at once, given to an infant barely capable of holding their head up let alone process foreign viruses, was too much, too many, too soon.

I did what my doctor told me to do and went to the CDC's website. Looking at different shot schedules for her age and what I call the loop-holes found within, I made her a different shot schedule that only allows for no more than 2 shots at one time - many of which can be post-poned until she's either in a daycare setting, school or both. Why give a small infant three shots at 2, 4 and 6 months of age, when you can give them one at 19 months and it's just as effective...not to mention approved by the CDC? Isn't that more rational? I wish I would have known that a newborn baby born to a mother who herself has been vaccinated against Hep B and obviously does not have the disease does not need a Hep B shot. I got mine in college...why does a NEWBORN need the shot? Again, it's not about the SHOT aspect of it. It's really not. It's about what's in the shot and whether a small baby can process it. I just think there's too many to be honest. Too many too soon. If there's a way of spreading them out with the same benefit but less risk for her and her future, then I'm gonna find it. Frankly, I think her body will process it better when there's less to deal with at once. And why is the regular flu shot not recommended until the child is 12 months or older but this H1N1 vaccine is now available for 6 months? I don't know, but I know that I will never walk into a situation regarding my child and her health ever again. I love to research too much and come to my own conclusions. It's the scientist and educator in me, I guess.

Her appointment is tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

As I took my walk this morning, (note: a Bjorn and 15lb baby is not easy to walk with) I went past the elementary school around the corner to watch as little kindergartners said their tearful goodbyes to their parents and their parents said tearful goodbyes to their not-so-little babies. I thought to myself how quickly time will go by before Carol is at her first day of school and how I'll probably have to miss it because, I, myself, will be at my first day of school... ugh

Can't believe how quickly she is growing up. I can't believe that only four months ago she was this little peanut who was so small and now she's kicking and screaming, eating and not-pooping... Before Carol, I could go the gym whenever I wanted, get my hair did, my toes done and take a nap whenever I wanted I can't go the gym because they don't take babies younger than six months and even when they do, they will not do the following:
1. console a crying baby
2. change a diaper
3. move her from her car seat

Then what the hell DO they do? I can tell you one thing: my child HATES her car seat...good luck there. There goes the money we spend on a gym. And diapers...well, lately we've been acting like she made a touch-down every time she poos. Yes, my life has been reduced to poop. Oh the joys of parenting.... We dance around and sing a song every time she starts to to love formula...binds them up like no other. And I love how rice cereal is recommended...they don't tell you that rice and milk is like clay in their stomachs....Yeah, we've changed to oatmeal cereal and prunes in the morning. Breastfeeding was great...however, the child went on a booby-strike and she never negotiated her terms before the milk dried up...oh well....4 months is better than nothing, I guess.

No one prepares you for the changes of motherhood. I marvel in my independence. I loved my alone time and being able to provide for myself before the baby arrived. I love my daughter and I wouldn't change a thing, but my life has created a whole new dichotomy - I don't want to put her in daycare, but I also don't see myself being a stay-at-home mother. I believe that daycare at 5 is different than daycare at 5 months...we'll cross that bridge... Where was I going...? Oh yeah, I'm thrilled that I have made appointments to go to the dentist, eye doctor and primary care doctor...I think it's because those are MY private times, you know? A way to assess my health and get done what I need to get done - like remove some funky-looking freckles, get contacts (after five years of not wearing anything), take care of my teeth and so on. It's a way of putting ME first after a year (and the rest of my life) of putting the baby first.

A year ago, I was pregnant with Carol. Can you believe it? It's been a year. I remember taking the pregnancy tests and marking them with a pen as a chronological way of making sure I was still pregnant. I look back at laugh at my neurotic behavior about whether or not the line today was darker than the line from yesterday and if it's not does that mean I'll miscarry? It makes me laugh, but I kind of miss it. A year ago this week, I also took my tumble down the stairs which left my shoulder forever tweaked...remind me to tell my doctor about that too...still can't raise it properly. Need a MRI.

I look over at my daughter sleeping on the couch and I notice her PJs (the ones with the feet on them) are too big. The length is fine, but her feet are too small. She has one foot that's bigger than the other which makes buying shoes difficult and she barely fits into newborn shoes...She's in the 75% for height, but her feet are so small. Will she be like a Barbie doll? I guess it's okay...that bitch has everything.

This is my last week with live-in help. My mom finally got a job! Of course it lands her back in LA so she'll eventually have to move because it's 86 miles one way, but we're really happy for her. These last six months have been difficult for her, but she's had the chance to spend quality and one-in-a-lifetime moments with the baby. I'm sure they will miss each other. Hell, let's not kid each other, I'll miss it. How do mom's clean or do anything with a child that demands to be held? For not living together for almost ten years, I think we did pretty well.